Red Galactic Serpent Part 1

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This is the sequel to my post on the Kundalini.  I don’t tell anyone to pull their head out of their arse in this one, it explores the idea that the only thing that gets in the way of the soul is a false identity and offers some insights as to how it got there. As a side dish, I also talk a little about the elixir of immortality. It was too long, so I broke it up into two parts. You can find part two in the previous post ‘Red Gallactic Serpent Part 2’. Its got the bit about the elixir in it, so you have to read Part 1 before you can read it.


Part 1: Nudging The False Identity – The Mortal– Out of The Way.

In my last entry I mentioned rather than mastering desire, people had been working on foreclosing it, and you don’t want to get rid of desire because it is the force through which the soul is embodied. That the problem is, what is desired is lacking feeling.  I am going to go into this more, because when what is desired is insatiable, and force exercised to fulfil what is impossible to gratify (because its lacking feeling), a recipe for mass destruction is conceived. Indeed, the stockpiling of weapons does not appear from out of nowhere. So from where does it come?


Since the pursuit of what is desired when stockpiling weapons is lacking feeling, the animation of the physical form is invariably one propelled by what is clearly a figment of the mind.   It becomes evident that power corrupts once what is desired is an illusion.  Power is not something that you exercise as though some form of external prosthesis.  It is inseparable from who you are.  That is, unless what you desire is lacking feeling, at which who you are is powerless, and a false identity needing power emerges. All that corruption occurring when who you are is absent, and what is desired the fulfilment of what is an illusion is a huge burden to carry. Moreover, it is not just the flow of feeling that is diminished through the pursuit of desire when a figment of the mind; the real object of desire is clearly foregone. Consequently, both what is felt, as well as what is desired, are suppressed.


And what is the real object of desire? If desire is the force through which the soul is embodied, and life sustained, what is desired is who you are: the soul that is infinite.  It is the only pursuit of desire in which the flow of feeling experienced is endless. It is the sacred ground of the most precious thing that being human exemplifies, and the unencumbered embodiment of it is undoubtedly the most potent potential of humanity.  The reduction of being human to merely possessing a physical form is endemic in the mortal world, and yet the truncation that takes place is monolithic.  One indicative of the spiritual blindness occurring when what is recognised only ever considers what is visible, despite it being blatantly obvious the source from which life – that is inseparable from who you are, and impossible to extricate without ceasing to exist – emerges is clearly not visible.


The pulsating, vibrant, and earthy quality of who you are living one with the cosmos, and immensity of celestial existence, is massacred and squashed into a suffocating prism when what is perceived to be human is limited to the strictly physical parameters of the human body. The distortion of reality occurring is so vast it is virtually impossible to convey in the two-dimensionality of visible symbols known as writing, but I’m giving it a try.


It is evident to me that desire is not just the force through which the soul is embodied; it is the force through which an identity is embodied. When what is desired is the soul, and this endless, the force of desire embodied is inseparable from the forces of the universe.  And it is out this process of embodiment when harnessing the forces of the universe, that an identity is formed. The experience of who you are, is subsequently so gratifying, that it is impossible to fathom without being mind blowing.  Whilst I am no doubt skimming the surface on all that can be said about what is taking place when embodying who you are, if there is such a thing as a superhuman I cannot think of a more believable means through which it emerges. Conversely, when what is desired is a figment of the mind, in pursuing what is desired the very identity of who you are that is embodied is bogus. Whilst the forces of the universe converge when embodying your soul, this invariably involves the destruction of a false identity harmful to the physical form through which the force of desire is perverted. What ever it is, let it go. You simply cannot be loving who you are, if what you desire is lacking feeling, at least not without deluding yourself in someway.


When the pursuit of what is desired is a figment of the mind, to persist a negative personalty emerges constituting part of the identity even though it is heartless, and gratification of what is desired impossible.  We’ve all seen an example of this, you spend ages working on xyz, some mornings waking up a hairy monster, and when your project is completed, you’ve achieved what you set out to do, but you’re feeling crap. In the instance the pursuit of desire directly involves a legal, political, or economic regime for example, you achieve what you set out to do –more laws, more corruption, or more wealth – and worse than feeling crap, feeling nothing at all.  So shall we see if I can do some literary magic to help redirect the use of force away from the bogus personality and back toward the soul? Since I can’t imagine how to do this without first being able to trace the movements of the false identity, what follows outlines some of the key attributes of the inner mortal a figment of the mind.  This is not a fruitless task; to draw on the teachings of Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi, inquiry ‘into the nature of one’s self that is in bondage, and realising one’s true nature is liberation.’[1] May you be inspired to harness the forces of the universe, and perfect your embodying the endless reaches of your soul.


When I refer to the ‘negative personality’ it is my way of describing who you are, were you not you. ‘Negative’ as in absent, as well as bogus. Once this happens a shift takes place in which the synchronistic quality of time is missing (hence the telepathic governing matrix is lost).  An experience of chronological time, one in which a past or future is perceived surfaces, since who you are is not present, even though the fulfilment of desire can only occur when you are. Whilst it is hard to dispute an ability to embody anything is possible when what is felt is lacking, clearly the identity formed, past and future, are all a product of the fabrication of reality emerging out of a figment of the mind. If all that is the power of the force of desire when askew, imagine what magic is possible were the forces of the universe propelling everyone and this gratifying.


When embodying the false identity, and the illusion manifested to pass unnoticed, the physical form is in some way moved by fear owing to the loss of both feeling and desire taking place. By fearing the illusion manifested, because it is not particularly pleasant, the experience of force one devoid of feeling is only intensified, and exerting ever-increasing stress on the physical form, until what is feared is addressed.  There are many ways of relating to this, one would be to say, were you to ignore what is felt out of fear because what is experienced is painful, you are merely becoming more vacant (ie. negative).  You’ve just created a nice little berth harbouring the negative personality.


For as long as what is feared passes unnoticed, it is not just that what is desired is foregone, in foregoing what is desired on an inner level the physical form undergoes aging, or some form of dilapidation, or addiction to some form of metaphorical soporific as an escape from what is being experienced, through which the physical form is generally impossible to govern. In forgoing what you desire – who you are – what takes place is hardly a surprise. Whilst on an environmental level the physical form is simultaneously exposed to laws, legislation, and the general regulation of behaviour.


There is much that can be said on the relationship between the internal experience dread of fear, and the external experience of constraint when subjected to laws and regulations. The negative personality invariably gives berth to a control freak in an effort to avoid the pain experienced when pursuing an illusion, but that’s a whole other story. Suffice it to say a legal system, or code of conduct is an intrinsic part of the mortal world, since it persists for as long as what is an illusion is feared.  At which point, the burden carried – the density of the mortal world – is getting heavier.


A force devoid of life is progressively internalised forming part of the identity and hence the world, rather than a force vibrant with energy through which the soul is embodied, and the identity formed immeasurable.  Were the identity that emerges suppressed – because it is lacking feeling; or thought to be bad; or what is felt painful; or what is desired thought oppressive since it is impossible to gratify– the negative personality a figment of the mind is only reinforced or strengthened. For as long as suppression of the bogus identity persists, any means of dispelling the illusion are repressed, and does anyone really want that to happen? Is it possible to control what is an illusion without validating or bolstering the existence of that illusion?


The subsequent distortion of truth in the mortal world is considerable. Were you to find yourself navigating dense mindscapes, such as the mass media –through which the illusory character of a legal, political, and economic regime is unrecognised – toxic city environments, Gregorian Calendar land, or the taxi stand outside Delhi airport, its worth heeding. What takes place when attempting to suppress the negative personality is equivalent to attempting to stop your house from burning down, and using petrol to put it out.  If what is desired is insatiable because it is lacking feeling for example, or a negative personality formed when what is desired is bogus to give another example, then oppression and condemnations are clearly not the answer. You’ve already tried that.


So this is it, may I kindly provide you with a metaphorical bucket of water to help you out were your house burning down.  The destruction of the negative personality a figment in the mind, takes place when…


author Adi Shakti

[1] Who Am I? The Teachings Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai 2010: p16


Author Adi Shakti

[1] Who Am I? The Teachings Bhagawan Sri Ramana Maharishi, Sri Ramanasramam, Tiruvannamalai 2010: p16

Red Galactic Serpent Part 2

Part 2:  The Elixir of Immortality.

The destruction of the negative personality a figment in the mind, takes place when recognising what you are feeling is painful: what is desired, who you are, what you are thinking, and what you are experiencing, are an illusion.


An ability to recognise the bogus personality is not real, is to deprive it of any control over who you are.  It is the armoury through which any fear dissolves, since the part of you that is fearful, or suffering in anyway, is not who you are.  The power of the great Maha Shakti is experienced. What is desired is deprived of force, and suddenly who you are is embodied, at which the desecration of the physical form comes to a halt.  What is taking place is the dispelling of an illusion, however the destruction of the bogus personality undertaken is not really destruction. If what is being destroyed is not real, is what takes place destructive?  To say the least, it is creative destruction. I say ‘creative’ because all of a sudden the forces of the universe are flowing through your body, and a feeling of being more alive emerges.


The reason for this is that when the deprivation of desire for what is a figment of the mind takes place, this is not suppression of desire, such as that occurring when what is desired is lacking feeling, but rather redirection of the force of desire in which no loss of feeling occurs. A redirection of force away from the negative personality – who you are, when you are not you – toward who you really are: the soul that is endless. What is significant here is that the direction of force occurring cannot happen were the flow of feeling suppressed in any way. And I cannot see how this can occur without developing the mental faculties necessary to recognise what is an illusion, or an ability to endure pain without suppressing what is felt.


They are interrelated.


An ability to endure pain without suppressing what is felt, invariably facilitates awareness of what is an illusion.  In turn, awareness of what is an illusion facilitates an ability to endure pain without suppressing what is felt, because you know it is a figment of the mind.  This fostering ever-increasing desire for who you are, as well as the unshakable determination, and creativity necessary to overcome anything preventing you from embodying it.  Once the elixir is savoured, desire for other flavours can only leave you disappointed. The immense profundity of that experience is eternally etched in the heart surpassing any glory the mortal world could ever offer. Were your house burning down because you are suppressing what is bogus, here in lies the bale of water filled with all tears that I have cried.


In terms of the biochemistry of the physical form, when the power of the great Maha Shakti is unleashed, and the redirection of force takes place, an internal alchemical process occurs through which the fitness of the physical form is preserved, or restored. Given the alchemical transformation taking place you could say the elixir of immortality is produced through the purification of desire occurring when mastering the force of the Kundalini. Through the redirection of force away from what is a figment of the mind, what was once desire for what is bogus, lead, is transformed into desire for the soul that is endless, and this without question is gold, pure gold. And since desire is the force through which an identity is formed, and the depth of what is felt immeasurable, a metamorphosis takes place in which the person that emerges is golden. The alchemical transformation that occurs is undoubtedly the creation of someone possessing extraordinary magnificence and luminosity.


I cannot exaggerate the significance of the distinction between suppression of desire, and redirection of desire, or how important the unencumbered flow of feeling is. Mastery of desire –the Kundalini–  through which the forces of the universe are channelled, and in which who you are, the soul that is infinite, is embodied, sustains life in the physical form.  Where as suppression of the force of desire, and of the immensity of what is felt, occurs when what is desired is a figment of the mind. This incurring the desecration or denigration of the physical form for as long as the pursuit of what is desired, and the illusion manifested, to pass unnoticed.


A perfect example of this taking place is a legal, political, economic regime, through which attempts are made to suppress, control, or nurture what is bogus oblivious the pain experienced is a figment of the mind. What is felt is never understood because who a person is, is yet to be embodied, and you simply can’t do this if what is desired is bogus.  The flow of feeling is merely diminished. When I say ‘embodied’ I am clearly talking about the immeasurable limbs of the body. Through the social order created it becomes evident an illusion is anything through which loss of feeling is sustained.


How you are meant to direct the forces of the universe without opening the third eye – developing the faculty of intuition – remains a mystery. Or more to the point, how you are then meant to recognise who you are without opening the third eye is hard to say, since it entails identifying a vast inner landscape nothing to do with what is visible. But it doesn’t matter because the most accessible or immediate way of anyone developing intuition is to pay attention to what you are feeling.  I say ‘accessible or immediate’ because no one can be reading this now, and not be feeling something.  Were the gravity of what I saying, who I am, trivialised, and the soul only ever fully encountered at death, what takes place is an illusion.


The whole time it appears, and the immensity of what is felt suppressed, the tremendous value of the great Maha Shakti, through which the destruction of the mortal world takes place, is never recognised. A prophecy in which the divine feminine emerges is foretold; it surfaces because in the mortal world feminine power is never embraced. It seems clear to me that were there no substance to this, the prophecy would have never emerged. Yet beyond the mortal world however, it is insignificant, because to move beyond the mortal world is to master what are traditionally perceived as feminine attributes. The seed in which this occurs lies planted in the fertile soil of the physical form. The mortal world, Maya – the world of illusion – and the emergence of the divine feminine are all interconnected owing to their relationship to the force of desire.


You cannot embody the soul that is endless without finding yourself believing in your immortality, or to say the least, the possibility of its existence. It is a natural progression born of humility as opposed to the megalomania fostered when animated by ego. One arises from a fear of death. The other arises from knowledge that death is an illusion appearing when who you are is absent, and a bogus identity embodied.  What’s more if death takes place when not being who you are, to me this makes it all the more obvious the unencumbered embodiment of the soul is clearly synonymous with the human potential, and that lovely is the Kundalini. The benefits of destroying what is an illusion, at which the most quintessential embodiment of truth occurs, cannot be overstated, although I’m sure some may think I give it a good try, without it the taste of the elixir, life itself, has no substance. It is meaningless.


The shift from a materialistic world to a realm of immortals marks the beginning of a new age.  What transpires is characterised by a movement away from suppression of desire, and of that felt that takes place when pursuing a figment of the mind through which a strictly physical identity is embodied, and one that is bogus. In its place a redirection of force for the fulfilment occurring when what is desired is the soul that is endless occurs.  Suddenly, the immeasurable limbs of the body are experienced, and a new identity emerges. Once this happens what it means to be human, and human capabilities, can never be the same again.


And since no one describes the evolution of the super human, one capable of telepathy and teleportation, more eloquently than the beloved Jose` Arguelles PhD, who himself suffered the reprisals of the scientific community for much of his life despite being a great man of phenomenal genius unparalleled in the history of the mortal world, the following is a quote from ‘The Dynamics of Time and The Evolution of Time as Consciousness’ 17.1 Magnetic Earth (p65):


The purely fourth-dimensional collective radiosonic mass released from third-dimensional anchoring within its radiantly perfected transport vehicle or soul boat, encounters the future in all its luminously radial hyperdimensionality. Absorbed into the pure future of post-organic hyperdimensional time, the radiosonic collective mass enters true timelessness, experienced as the quality of “always existing”.


When through the culmination of unfathomable lifetimes my task is done, and that of all bodhisattvas, spiritual warriors, galactic shamans, and high priestesses –living capacitors of truth – achieved, I ponder as to where we shall all go? To some paradise in a remote area of the cosmos sounds nice.  We shall dance to the most divine music, an orgasm to our ears, laugh, and sing. And that sound will resonant throughout the entirety of existence. A rainbow bridge around the earth will appear, and what is heard the emergence of the telepathic matrix in which the governing principle is the fulfilment of what is desired.


Sat Nam

Adi Shakti

Blue Spectral Eagle

little me 

I wanted to put this photo of me up I recently found in my parent’s garage from when I was in kindergarten because it reveals something about my former incarnation, and because, or for this reason, I love it. When I look at it I see an adorable little girl who is undoubtably a witch despite her having no idea of this at the time. I am wearing my school uniform from East Cessnock Public School in the picture, but on me the oversized blouse with extended collar conveys an aspect of my education never taught in a school. I suspect it is one of a number of reasons why I didn’t like school.

The following post ‘is it’ lovely.  It is my literary opus, and whilst I say all this I am still not sure whether people will understand what I am saying, so if you get it, let me know.  I am currently writing the sequel at the moment, it will be up in the next couple of days so if you have any questions I can cover them in the entry I’m working on now. This is not the sort of passage you read when you are sitting on the toilet. Put time aside lovely to really focus, the wavespell of manifestation in the mayan calendar I wrote it in, is the Red Magnetic Serpent.  The Red Magnetic Serpent is the Kundalini and today, the Blue Spectral Eagle is the liberator of the Kundalini. I would like to dedicate this day, and this passage to Yogi Bhajan.

I open the passage with a quote from another special man, Jose Arguelles, it is well worth checking out the legacy of writing he left in his wake.  A footnote for this quote is at the end of the post if anyone wants to follow it up. Alternatively, if anyone is interested I could put some links up from my blog page.

“Superior intelligence dwells nowhere else but in the now.” [1]

                                                                                                Jose Arguelles

You could say that people have been working on desire for centuries, but that’s not the case.  They have been unknowingly working on foreclosing desire, and you don’t want to get rid of desire. Desire is the force through which the soul is embodied. The problem is, what is desired is lacking feeling, and therefore insatiable.  To remove all desire is like spiritual castration, and you can’t get anymore heartless than that.


When what is desired ceases to lack feeling, and is heart felt, a restoration of feeling takes place through the pursuit of desire, and the immeasurable limbs of the body appear. Recognising who you are, the invisible face that appears, is the face of the soul. To suppress what is desired when it is heartfelt is to shroud the face of the soul with illusion: the illusion of the mortal world.


And because you cannot master what is desired without maintaining the flow of feeling, it becomes evident just how stupid suppressing feminine power is, indeed the stupidity is far reaching. And people do suppress feminine power. If you are not convinced, then you need to pull your head out your arse, the evidence is impossible to ignore, the mortal world, the world of diminishing resources, and a subsistent economy – which may I add, is a tautology, but you know what I mean – don’t emerge when feminine power is honoured.


The force of desire through which the soul is embodied is the Kundalini: the Maha Shakti. This is what the master of Kundalini yoga said about Maha Shakti:


“Merge in the Maha Shakti.  This is enough to take away your misfortune.

When a woman chants the Kundalini Bhakti mantra,

God clears the way.  This is not a religion, it is a reality.  Woman is not born

to suffer, and woman needs her own power.”


“When India and Indian women knew this mantra, it dwelt in the land of

milk and honey.”

~ Yogi Bhajan


The force of desire through which the soul is embodied creates a current through which life is experienced.


It is an enormous power source, inseparable from life itself, and when the flow of feeling is unencumbered, and the limbs of the body are infinite, the source of power employed facilitates the fulfilment of desire in a way that is magical. Henceforth, the fulfilment of desire takes place free from exertion. The only exertion necessary, is that needed to destroy what is an illusion, because magic, and the source of power flowing through the body, the Kundalini, are real.


When I refer to ‘the immeasurable limbs of the body’, or ‘when the limbs of the body are infinite’, I am referring to the identity experienced when the flow of feeling is unencumbered, and what is felt is endless.  In terms of the force of desire, it is significant because when what is desired is a figment of the mind or lacks feeling, such as desire for what is harmful to the body, pursuing what is desired is subsequently an encumbrance on the free flow of feeling. This is hard to miss in the mortal world because the legal, political, and economic system is perpetuated through the perversion of desire in which what is pursued is senseless, and henceforth lacking feeling. The archaic social order commonly known as civilisation persists for as long as the Kundalini remains dormant. Once the Kundalini awakens it is unsustainable: a redirection of the use of force takes place.


When what is desired is a figment of the mind, what is felt is suppressed through the pursuit of desire.  The pain this encounters is impossible to address without relinquishing what is desired. The liberating, and benevolent function of the Kundalini is mistaken to be something that is fearful, because to confront what is felt is to face the pain experienced when pursuing what is bogus.  What is felt, however, is only painful because what is desired is a figment of the mind. The moment what is desired, the figment of the mind, is relinquished, pursuing what is desired when it is lacking feeling comes to a halt, and the Kundalini is able to continue its ascension, at which what is desired is gratifying.


When what is desired is a figment of the mind, and what is experienced lacks feeling, what is felt is not real. How can it be?  The lack of feeling occurring is the experience of an illusion. This is where the importance of the third eye, or if you like, intuition, comes into play. The opening of the third eye, affords an ability to recognise what is not visible. This is necessary to maintain the free flow of feeling, and recognise when what is desired is bogus. Dispelling an illusion takes place when relinquishing desire for what is a figment of the mind and lacking feeling, which is to say, it takes place when deprived of the force of desire.


The benefits of opening the third eye are inestimable; unaware what is an illusion, what is felt is impossible to bear. The lessons that come with the raising of the Kundalini have required I be superhuman in terms of an ability to endure pain, and my developing the mental acuity to recognise what I am experiencing is an illusion, and thus, to know, and experience truth. The truth being who I am, the soul that is endless, and embodied through the medium of feeling when the immeasurable limbs of the body are experienced. Anyone who does Kundalini Yoga, and has done three minutes of stretch pose, or half an hour of Sat Kriya etc, will know how seemingly impossible what is an illusion is to destroy, and yet everyday it is taking place. In a world of Monsantos, corrupt governments, modern corporate governance, and environmental degradation, the effort required to be superhuman is not only worth it, it is, without a doubt, unavoidable. Dispelling the illusion created calls for nothing less than an army of warrior saints able to destroy the mortal world through the power of their desire for all that is sacred.


When the immeasurable limbs of the body appear and the force of desire harnessed, clearly that power wielded is indomitable. It is a source of power so immense, it is unmatched by the entire gamut of weapons currently in stockpiles around the world. It is the only means through which what is desired is fulfilled.  Aware what is experienced when lacking feeling is an illusion you are indestructible, an unassailable courage emerges in which the power wielded, is the force of the great Maha Shakti.

Sat Nam.

Adi Shakti

[1] Jose Arguelles, The 260 Postuates of The Dynamics of Time and Evolution of Time as Consciousness. 13.1

Yellow Cosmic Seed

Here is a guided meditation a study on the nature of illusion. It goes for about 15 minutes. Have a listen. Its a meditation, so you will need to do a little preparation, get yourself a timer of some sort, (clock, stop watch etc, you can use the apps on your mobile phone just put it on silent) and sit in the classic meditation posture, hands in gyan mudra resting on your knees, chin tucked, and chest slightly raised so your spine is straight, but keep your eyes open. I go through it more in the recording. When you’ve finished doing the meditation, come back and I’ve written a short blurb on it. No peeking until you’ve done the meditation, it won’t make sense otherwise.

Now that you’ve done the meditation, and noticed how seemingly convincing an illusion is, as in convincing you it is real, you might rightfully ask how do you know what is real, if you are unable to trust what you see because what you see is an illusion?

Contrary to the change taking place visible to the eyes, there was something that was unchanging and real. You knew it was unchanging and real because you could feel it, and hence experience it to be so.  The reason for this, was because you were also focusing upon what was invisible the same time you were focusing on the seconds passing.

You could take this further, and say the more aware of who you were that was unchanging and real, the more impervious you were to the mortal world that was an illusion despite any changes visible to the eyes.

I specifically centred on the illusion of mechanical time for this guided enquiry, as it was the easiest to observe, but you could, of cause extend the exercise to lots of things. Like sitting in on a court case, or queueing in a line at the bank, see if you can identify the illusion before you. Then try gazing at the full moon, or a huge fig tree, and see how different it feels. You don’t want to be spending all your time looking at what is an illusion, nevertheless it may be helpful to do it when you are bringing your full consciousness to the table so that the difference between them is clear. If you find yourself spending a bit of time looking at what is an illusion, you might want to balance it by looking at something real, the obvious being anything found in nature.

This a photograph of the part of me that is unchanging and real taken a few years ago during my first trip to India. (If you look closely you will notice I have a natural u-shaped tilak on my forehead.)

me truck


White Electric Wizard

This is the sequel to the last audio post on money  money4

If you didn’t get the last post hopefully this one joins the dots for you, failing that you can always ask me questions in the comments box at the bottom of this blog, and I’ll get back to you.


I’ve included an extended version of the recording in written form, for those interested in the extended remix.

Here it is:

Once the loss of feeling taking place is overlooked and the fear this encounters overlooked, a source of power is given away.  Were what is feared poverty, the source of power given away is a source of power given to someone with money. Since the gratification of what you desire is impossible when what is felt is lacking, the power foregone is a source of power through which what is desired is fulfilled. Whenever what is felt is suppressed, or overlooked, or trivialised in some way, you give away your power over the immeasurable limbs of the body through which what is desired is fulfilled. That power relinquished is fundamental to the operation of the telepathic governing matrix – all that in the hands of someone with money.


The loss of feeling is necessary for an economy to function, since money is only thought necessary when the immeasurable limbs of the body are absent.  Hence its not through of any absence of money that what is desired is impossible to fulfil, what is desired is lacking feeling, not money. Were who you are infinite, the use of money is ridiculous. Once the immeasurable limbs of the body are imperceptible, and the telepathic governing matrix subverted, a vital attribute of an economy emerges: inter-dependency. The multitude of inter-dependencies perpetuated through the loss of feeling form both an illusion of financial security. It is the very formation of dependencies that emerge when the immeasurable limbs of the body are absent that make an economy so compelling.


Any sense of security appearing surfaces in spite of the exertion necessary to preserve that illusion, since what is desired is insatiable and therefore impossible to fulfil.  The subsequent use of force in an effort to gratify what is desired when it is lacking feeling is potentially endless even though the exertion occurring is debilitating. A mistaken belief surfaces that you need money to live, when it is through the use of money that the interdependencies formed maintain the destruction of the body in someway. For as long as the suffering experienced is not addressed, the telepathic governing matrix remains imperceptible.


The source of power acquired when using money, clearly has nothing to do with what is felt, nor is it capable of fulfilling what is desired. Underestimating the gravity of what I am saying is foolish, and yet the only thing lacking in the world created is an ability to experience what is real. Magic is real. That you never see it in the mortal world, is because the mortal world is an illusion appearing when the loss of feeling is unaddressed because what is desired is senseless. It is not that power corrupts, the relationship between the flow of feeling, and what is desired is not understood.  When the flow of feeling is unencumbered,  and what is desired is manifested, what is desired is who you are: the immeasurable limbs of the body. Properly understood it is not just the emergence of a new form of power witnessed, we are at the precipice of an age of immortals in which magic is the new authority.


Blue Overtone Night

SL375562 SL375564


I thought it only fitting to include a few pictures of the some bread I made since my next audio recording is all about money .

Its gluten free, egg free, dairy free bread made from a packet! But I added chia seeds, linseeds, sunflower seeds, pine nuts, and pumpkin seeds, to it.  At least that was my first loaf, since then I’ve added rosemary, walnut, olive and roasted garlic to the list.

You could say my latest recording is a bit of ditty, something to cheer up all those povs out there. So best not listen to it if your feeling financially abundant. It cheered me up heaps, I’ve had it on constant rotation for the last a couple of days until I realised I hadn’t uploaded it yet. So here it is, or should I say there it is, if you have’nt noticed its up there click the blue word “money”.

Red Self-Existing Moon



I’ve put these photos of some of the lovely magical macrame` that I’m selling on my Adi Shakti Jewellery facebook page and  as my next recording is a series of talks all about magic. I figured it’d be good idea to unit the two (my audio on magic and my jewellery) since you can’t really sell magical jewellery if people think you know nothing about magic. Initially, I noticed the magic only lasted for the duration of the first day the new piece was worn but after a little friendship bracelet research and development I discovered that if you hold your friendship band, or any of my pieces for that matter, and say ” Adi Shakti please restore my blessing” it’ll be the same as the first time worn. Indeed, my deciding to do my next talk on magic arose after doing this research and development. When I went to test whether the “Adi Shakti please restore my blessing” would in fact restore the magic to my mum’s necklace, (the first time she wore it she won a $70 meat tray) I literally saw the magic move into the piece. Up until then, I never knew my grasp of magic was so comprehensive until indeed I tested.

So here it is a series of talks on magic…

The first one magica   is divided into two parts, its a recording of me talking to my 12yr old niece, Chloe, explaining magic on a Red Self-existing Moon day, in the Dreamspell.  The second magic3a is a recording of me explaining the relationship between what is real, and magic to my mum which I only just finished today, Yellow Resonant Human.  If you get anything out of listening to these recordings and its anything to do with the realisation that magic is real and everything else is an illusion you’re on the right track.  If phrases like: magic is the new real, or, the wand is the new riffle  surface when contemplating contents of the recording you’re obviously no stranger to the new order in which magic is the new authority.  Clearly the implications of the relationship between what is real and magic is little known to the mortal world, and so if you want to get familiar with it please feel free to check out some of my magical friendship bracelets on my adi shakti jewellery facebook page.



Red Self-existing Moon

unicornHow anyone is able to do the back when cutting their own hair is beyond me, I always call on the fairies for help so you could say the unicorn is me getting my hair cut by my faithful hairdresser. Arn’t I beautiful, I wish I looked like that all the time, and not just when I’m getting my hair cut. (I did this last year using coloured pencils.) Notice the connection between the unicorn’s horn and the fairy hairdresser’s antenna.

As promised in my last post here are some tracks I did. They are a nice progression of the theme in my audio talks:


same same but different

Red Overtone Earth

yellow fluffy

Hullo lovely I was going to say this is another self-portrait hehe, notice the light captured in this picture I took of my yoga mat, (sorry I know its clearly not a vegan mat) the feathers are turkey feathers I found near where I was living in Brisbane.  The turkeys there were a constant source of entertainment for me. Their leisurely strolling across busy Brisbane roads oblivious to the hurried taxis cabs, and cars crawling along behind them.

My next audio recording is about the relationship between the suppression of feeling, and the perpetuity of the legal system. Its a this-is-what-happens sort of talk, but fear not I will be doing some recordings as to how to deal with, and hence the destruction of illusion, in upcoming recordings. I changed the effect on my voice in it for something different, its the sixth recording : The Restraint of the Body. I also have a little recording I did on the significance of the 13 Moon Calendar in terms of some of the stuff I’ve been talking about here that I’ll be putting up soon with some good links for everyone. And maybe a tune or two if people would like to listen to some tracks I did.

The Restraint of the Body 6

Yellow Self-existing Warrior

This is the third recording in a series of audio blog posts.The Pursuit of Desire.m4a

You can listen to the fourth and fifth recordings here TGM.m4a  I put them on the same down load there is just a brief pause separating each one. In them I go into greater detail into the telapathic governing matrix and one of the main sources of interference into its operation.  I am just mulling over what to do for the sixth recording, I am thinking of discussing the effects of the legal system on the body, and the telepathic governing matrix.